Brief Introduction to Fuzhou University of Foreign Studies and Trade

    Fuzhou University of Foreign Studies and Trade,approved by National Ministry of Education, is a full-time private university,which can issue diplomas acknowledged by our country.It specializes in foreign languages and economic & trade, covering Foreign Languages, Economic Management, Business & Trade, Electronic Information Technology,Animation and other professional categories. It successively had the honor to win lots of honorary titles,such as“The FuJian Provincial Tenth Civilized Schools”,“ Fujian Advanced Technical Education Unit”, “The Safe and Stable Advanced Collectives of Fujian Province”,”Advanced Collectives of Fujian Educational System”,“Fuzhou Advanced Technical Education Unit”,and “Safe Campus”. In addition, it has won from National Ministry of Education the award of Excellent Achievement in the universtiy campus cultural construction in 2010.
    By upholding the notion that education quality is our priority and teachers are our predominant resources, our college attaches great importance to the teaching faculty. After years of unremitting efforts, a creative teaching faculty has been set up which is loyal to educational causes of CPC and boasts of outstanding quality and reasonable teaching faculty structure. We now have 319 regular teachers, 99 teachers with senior titles, 130 teachers with graduate diplomas. We also boast of several foreign teachers from USA, UK ,Canada and Japan, who can provide original foreign language expertise for students. We have set up Foreign Language Department, Economics and Management Department, Business and Trade Department, Computer Science Department, Arts and Media Department and Public Courses Section and 26 distinct college majors. At present, we have 9 Excellent Courses at Provincial Level, 3 Excellent Majors at Provincial Level, 2 training bases with the support of central financing, 2 training bases with the support of provincial financing, 1 provincial teaching reform comprehensive experiment project. We also have been awarded with one second prize of Fujian province higher education achievements and 2 teaching celebrities. For the past five years, we have been awarded with 3 scientific achievements at municipal level, 46 scientific projects at provincial level, 53 published monographs and textbooks, 340 thesis. Enrolling students from all over the country, our college has over 5600 full-time students.
    Taking advantage of the location, our college serves regional economy actively and works closely with industry associations and corporations at all-around level—set up cooperation guidance committee between college and corporations and set up 74 training bases with the features of shared resources and cooperation between school and enterprises. We actively promote the position-based “oriented cultivation talents” system and multi-level talents cultivation model reform. We have set up a series of oriented cultivation classes, which realize cooperation school running between school and enterprises. The measure effectively boosts the comprehensive employment competitiveness of our students and facilitates positive cycles of college students employment. For the past years the employment status of our college graduates have always been above 95%. In 2008 and 2009 we have passed the Employment Review with excellent achievements.
    We always hold up to the notion that we should cultivate college students with creative spirit and innovative competence. In 2004 we set up “College Students Entrepreneurship Center”. In 2008 we set up the first “College Students Entrepreneurship Zone” in Fujian province, which was aimed at guiding the entrepreneurship projects of college students. In June 2009 our college was awarded with the prize of “ Fujian Province College Graduates Entrepreneurship Training Base” by Fujian Human Resources Office and Communist Youth League Fujian Committee. In October 2009, by setting up National Logistics Training Base and E-commerce Marketing Supply Platform, we stir up a new round of entrepreneurship tide.
    Our university actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation, establishing friendly and cooperative relationships successively with institutions of higher education both in Taiwan region and other countries such as Gwynedd Mercy College (GMC) and Duquesne University(DV) in America, Chartered Institute of Technology in Singapore and Chiang Kai Shek College in Philippines. Conforming herself to the building of West Coast Economic Zone, our college has obtained remarkable achievements in the exchange and cooperation of education and culture with Taiwan region and is one of the thirteen institutions that have separate enrollment index for joint education by Taiwan and Fujian.
    The students in our university perform well in large-scale subject competitions over the years. Twenty-eight awards have been obtained by the students in subject competitions of provincial level or above since 2005 and thus the high study quality is approved.
    With the development of our school, we upgrade our orientation in school running by clarifying our school-running conceptions and determining innovation, pioneering and creation as the core logos, setting up the new goal of building our university into a top private undergraduate institution of the West Coast of the Strait with the features of being innovative, practical and foreign-oriented in order to meet the talent demands of the West Coast construction. Our efforts are fully affirmed and supported by the Peoples’ Government of Fujian Province and Fuzhou Municipality.

College motto: Achieve mastery through integrating the essence of eastern and western education philosophies; Transfer what is learned to practice
College spirit: Virtue, Diligence, Practice, Innovation
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